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Bestop Soft Items

By: George “Kickstand” Pandoff

I have had the review for Bestop items on my site for a long time. That's because just about the time I was ready to write something I would get another item. In one consolidated review I will cover the Bestop Header, Bikini, Safari Top, Windjammer, and Dust Cover.

Installing the Bestop items

All items came with descent enough instructions. Breaking it down in to three sections...

Bestop Header
I don't like to drill into my vehicle anymore than I have to, and my vehicle was equipped with the hardtop, I went with the clamp on header (header-attaches the bikini to the windshield frame). The header arrived with one manufacturing defect. One of the screw hole rivets was not pressed into place properly and was laying in the box. I also had a problem with the install. The instructions stated that I would put the header on the top of the windshield frame and then clamp it down to the frame. The enlosed bolt is used going through the header in to the clamping mechanism. A locking washer is supposed to be used. With all my effort I could not get the pieces clamped together using the lock washer. The bolt seemed to be just too short to use the washer.

Bikini & Safari top

Install was just as the directions showed. No problems with either.


As I mentioned earlier, I hate to drill into my vehicle. Unfortunately it is unavoidable with this product. Brackets are attached to the floor secure the windjammer. Only problem I had installing the floor bracket was across the transmission hump in the floor. There is some sealent at the joint between the bed of the Jeep and the transmission tunnel. Some of this had to be cut away to attach the bracket.

Duster Cover

This required some more drilling to attach. Two small brackets needed to be attached across the back of the Jeep to secure the windjammer. The rest of the Tj already has a bracket or channel as a part of the manufacturing.


Having delt with all the little things mentioned during the install, I can say all products had an excellent fit.

All of these products have been on my vehicle through a winter (not smart enough to put the top back on) and a summer. I continue to be happy with all of it. No signs of breakdown in any of the pieces.

This product would get 4 out of 4 tires if I, as the consumer, did not have to correct or adjust for problems with the product out of the box. I give these products 3 out of 4 tires.


Shop around, prices can very widely.