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TeraFlex Steering Box Skid

What's included:

  • Heavy Duty Skid plate
  • 1 self threading bolt
  • Bolt/nut w/assorted spacers

Tools needed:

  • Wrenches
  • Socket set
  • Drill w/bits (optional)

Driver Side
The bolt on the bottom of the bumper is from the bumper itself.
The other was supplied with the kit, including the spacer located between the skid and the frame.

Passenger Side
The red arrow indicates a tab where the self-threading bolt is supposed to go. I did not add it for a couple of reasons. You are suppose to drill into the round tube inside of the bumper. Trying to drill into something rounded can be quite difficult. The other problem I saw with doing this is that the tab that your attaching to the rounded tube has a 3/8 gap between them. Because it won't clamp the tab against the tube I doubt its benefit.

Field Test & Review
When testing a product out I only try to test it within the realm of what it was made for. I accidentally tested this product as a battering ram in my February Moab trip. Not reading the steepness of an angle right, I ran smack into a rock HARD. This was not intended but I will say the TeraFlex skid passed with flying colors.

$58.00 from local 4X4 shop.