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If you rockcrawl with a stick then a hand throttle is incredibly useful.
Click here to see the starting components.

Supplies needed
All of these items can be purchased at any bike shop except for the Plexi Glass which can be purchased at any hardware store.

  • Brake Cable for a Tandem Bicycle (approximately 9' long)
  • 6' of Brake Cable housing
  • 4" long 1/8" thick rubber shim
  • 2 Barrel Screws for each end of the cable
  • 3 nuts to fit the barrel screws
  • Bicycle Brake Lever
  • Piece of Plexi Glass 2.75"X1" 1/8" thick
  • Lock washer to fit the cruise control pin on the throttle lever. You can cut (make) one out of an old credit card
  • .75" long phillips head bolt with nut and 3 washers (this bolt will be for clamping onto the cable)
Tools needed

  • Drill & Bits
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Wrench for the nut
  • Wire Cutter
  • Hack Saw

Optional Tools
(that just make it easier)

  • Dremmel w/cut-off discs
  • Band Saw


After cutting the Plexi-Glass bracket to size you will need to drill a couple of holes.

First hole will be for whatever size bolt you use for clamping onto the cable. Hole placement will be .25" in from the end centered.

Second hole 5/16 diameter will be .5" in from the end & centered. Then right next to it .25" from the end you will drill a 1/4 diameter hole. The holes will be connected so that the bracket can be slipped onto the throttle lever pin and then slid forward locking it onto the throttle lever pin.

Stock 4 Banger 1998 Tj Preparation

Click picture (left) to see the throttle lever with the air intake removed

First start by removing the the center air intake piping between the filter box and the piece over the throttle body (square plastic piece).

Next remove the above mentioned square plastic piece. Immediately on the underside of the square piece is where the band clamp is located.

With all the plastic off, cover the throttle body carbeurator so that nothing gets into your engine.

Now find a point to thread your cable housing through the firewall. I suggest using one of the rubber plugs in the firewall. Pop it out and make a .5” slice to pass the housing through.

Take the cable and check the ends. One of the ends of the cable will have a piece that fits into the brake lever handle. After locating this cut the other end off of the cable. I suggest doing this with a Dremel w/cutoff disk. It can be done with wire cutters but they tend to flatten the braided cable making it difficult to pass through the housing. After cutting the cable pass it through one barrel screw nut and the small end of a barrel screw. Next pass it through the cable housing.

Now get your drill w/bits. Compare your bits against the barrel screw for a bit just larger than the barrel screw. You will now have to locate a place on the throttle bracket to drill for the barrel screw. Begin drilling. Once your hole is drilled thread one nut all the way onto the barrel screw. Pass the barrel through the hole and thread the other nut on. The barrel screw will be screwed all the way into the nuts. The reason for the two nuts is to clamp the barrel screw in place once the proper tension is set.

Now clamp the brake lever onto the stick shift. You will need to use the rubber spacer to make it fit.


Now attach the cable to the lever.

Now thread the barrel screw nut onto the barrel screw and insert the barrel screw into the brake lever.

On the other end of the cable thread the cable through the barrel screw mounted on the throttle bracket.

Disconnect the cruise control cable from the cable lever.

Get your plexi-glass bracket and attach the cable to the bolted end. You want to pull as much cable through as possible so there is little to no slack when the plexi bracket is attached to the throttle lever (cruise control) pin. At the same time your trying to take up any slack ensure that your not pulling on the lever causing an increased idle thus increasing your idle gas consumption.

After setting the proper cable length attach the plexi bracket to the throttle lever. For fine tuning unscrew the barrel screw from the throttle bracket. At the point of tension on the throttle lever screw the barrel back in 1/8 turn. Tighten the barrel screw nuts against the throttle bracket on both sides. Now attach the lock washer to the pin.some shaving of the plexi bracket will be needed to allow room for the lock washer

With this complete reassemble the air intake tubing.

After everything is reassembled you will need to start the vehicle. Make any final tension adjusting with the barrel screw on the brake lever.

Final step is to JB Weld the cable housing to the barrel screw in at the brake lever.If it's necessary to make any more tensioning adjustments this will have to be done at the throttle bracket barrel screw.

Click on the picture to the left for a close up.

  1. Throttle Bracket
  2. Cruise Control Cable
  3. Throttle Lever Pin (Cruise connects here)
  4. Gas Pedal Cable

I made the throttle lever bracket (lower right corner of pict) from a piece of 3/16" plexi-glass 2.75" X 1".

Inside View